Valet Croydon - Unitech Services

Valet Croydon - Unitech ServicesValet Croydon is a full service provided for Valet and iCentral products, including consultation and advice, sales, installations, service and repairs and spare parts and accessories. Our services cover both the residential and commercial sectors, including the building and construction sectors. Details of our services are:

Pre-Purchase Consultation and Advice

At Valet Croydon we want to ensure that customers purchase the products that most suits their needs. So we are pleased to meet with you to discuss your needs and review your home or building plans and advise on the products most appropriate for your requirements. This advice will include a no obligation cost quotation.

Sales of Valet and iCentral Products

We sell the full range of Valet and iCentral products comprising central/ducted vacuum systems, intercom systems and security systems at competitive prices either for installation by us or by the customer. 

DIY Kits

For the customer or building professional we provide a range of DIY kits that include all the materials required for self installation or installation by a service provider of your choice. The DIY Kits can be made up to specifications to suit the needs of the customer, say to suit a small home or a large home or office.


Valet Croydon provides quality installation services of all Valet and iCentral products. We only use genuine Valet/iCentral materials and ensure that by “doing it right” the job “only has to be done once”. We provide a 90 warranty on our workmanship and are fully insured for public liability.

Service and Repairs

We provide a comprehensive after sales support and repair service for all products, either on-site or in our workshop depending on the nature of the problem.

Spare Parts and Accessories

Valet Croydon provides a full range of spare parts and accessories for Valet and iCentral products to ensure that your products are always operating at peak efficiency and the customer always has the accessories available to most suit their needs.